A Spirituality for the 21st Century

The (r)evolutionary Creation Spirituality movement – based in ancient Judeo-Christian tradition, supported by leading-edge science, bearing witness for social, environmental, and gender justice, and voiced most powerfully for this generation by spiritual theologian Matthew Fox – is flourishing in the creative and prophetic spirit of our times!

 “(Matthew Fox’s) creation spirituality
is the spirituality of the future
and his theology of the Cosmic Christ
is the theology of the future.”

Bede Griffiths,
author of The Golden Thread, Christ in India:
Essays Towards a Hindu-Christian Dialogue

The All-New Cosmic Mass Website Is Launched!

Just in time for the April celebration, Friends of Creation Spirituality launched a completely new, bold and beautiful website for the Cosmic Mass. With in-depth content on the history, vision, theology, and community of the Mass, along with dynamic photos and poster designs from past Masses, this new site will be building the local and global TCM community over time. Come and visit at Cosmic Mass-FebTheCosmicMass.com!

  • Find the history and vision that drive The Cosmic Mass (TCM)…
  • Discover the interspiritual, ancient/postmodern theological principles behind the ritual
  • Tap into the spirit of community as the TCM network evolves…
  • Get involved through the self-directed training...
  • See the breathtaking imagery being created for the Cosmic Mass in the “TCM Art” blog posts…
  • Hear the personal stories of planners and participants in the “TCM Voices” blog posts (including angelologist Lorna Byrne’s heartfelt account of the most recent Cosmic Mass, “Angels Among Us.”)
  • And find the calendar listing for the next Cosmic Mass, scheduled for May 25, in Oakland, with the theme of “Art and Spirit”…mark the date!

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Pre-Order Matthew Fox’s Newest Book!

In a series of deeply inspiring and challenging metaphorical meetings, Matthew Fox introduces the pioneering medieval thinker Meister Eckhart to modern thought-leaders and activists including the Dalai Lama, Thomas Merton, Joanna Macy, Black Elk, Rumi, Adrienne Rich and others. If you were challenged and inspired by Hildegard of Bingen: A Saint for Our Time, you will love Meister Eckhart: A Mystic Warrior for Our Times.

“Whether our species has a future on Earth does not depend on the development of more gee-whiz technologies, but on whether we are willing to move into the psycho-spiritual dimension proclaimed by Meister Eckhart and elucidated by Matthew Fox in this important book. …In this endeavor, however, time is not on our side.  On this crucial journey, let Meister Eckhart and Matthew Fox be your guide. I pray this book sells zillions.”

 ~ Larry Dossey, M.D.
 Author of  One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is
Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

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Matthew Fox on the Web…

In his first interview of 2014, Matthew talks openly about the suppression of the feminine in the Church and what can be done to restore the feminine to her rightful place, he talks about the new Pope and his hopes for change, and how he has sought to explore the experiential side of religion.

See Matthew Fox and Father Roy Bourgeois interviewed on Democracy Now! about Pope Francis’ radical economic message.

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 Have You Read Matthew Fox’s Recent Books?


Awarded “Best Spiritual Book” in the category of Justice by Spirituality & Practice

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“A beautiful book with a simple, clear, and profound message for our time.”

—David Korten, board chair, YES! Magazine; author of Agenda for a New Economy

“The dialogue between these two visionary men comes as a fresh, exhilarating wind. It swings wide the doors of our minds and reveals what is surely the most heartening phenomenon of our time. Illumined and honored here are the moral clarity and courage of young activists the world over, as they unmask the deadening abuses of an exhausted civilization. Matthew and Adam help us hear these voices and catch the spiritual power moving through them.”

—Joanna Macy, author of Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy

People are talking about Occupy Spirituality…

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See Matthew Fox’s and Adam Bucko’s audio and video interviews…


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Writing from the depth of 40 years spent witnessing Vatican corruption and authoritarianism, Matthew Fox offers a series of heartfelt letters to the new pontiff about the great challenges facing the church today. Drawing from the deep spiritual and theological sources that have been suppressed since Vatican II, he implores Pope Francis to restore the sensus fidelium (the sense of the faithful) and reshape a church with justice and compassion.

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Matthew Fox’s newest book honors medieval abbess/author/composer/ artist Hildegard of Bingen – a herald of the Divine Feminine, green prophet, and church reformer, newly named a saint and Doctor of the Church….

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