The Cosmic Mass Returns to the World Parliament of religions

(Excerpted from Matthew Fox’s article in the Interfaith Observer)

I have been involved in celebrating Cosmic Masses throughout North America for the last 24 years. We have sponsored more than 100 of them in various cities and have people to lead them around the country. Two years ago, we sponsored a Cosmic Mass (TCM) at the World Parliament of Religions in Salt Lake City. Our most recent Mass was at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., and the theme was “Healing Racism.” The Cosmic Mass was a featured element of the World Parliament in Toronto..

The Cosmic Mass is a conscious effort to create post-modern worship where we move from praying from the neck up to praying with all the chakras, particularly the lower ones. We dance more than we sit, and we meditate both in silence and in motion with the help of visuals provided by a VJ and music provided by a DJ and often live musicians as well. (Read more…)

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