Occupy Spirituality

Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation has been gathering rave reviews from all points on the religious spectrum! See some of the growing number listed below…….

Occupy Spirituality – Review by blogger Peter J. Morris - “Occupy Spirituality is the sort of book that should become an underground classic with tired. margin-marked and well-thumbed copies being freely passed around between group-members within disparate collections of activists, revolutionaries and socially dis-enfranchised all over the world”

Book Review – Occupy Spirituality by Seamus Mullarkey on Spirituality and Practice

Occupy Spirituality, Evolving Dharma by John L. Murphy on New Clear Vision

Spirituality and Social Transformation -  Responding to Occupy Spirituality by Bruce Epperly on Patheos.com

Reflections from a Once and Future Activist by Christine Hoff Kraemer on Patheos.com

There Will Soon Be No More Priests – A Review of Occupy Spirituality by Jim Burklo on Patheos.com

Occupying to Break Open by Jim Burklo on Patheos.com

New Wine, New Skins by Ms. V on I Don’t Know I Don’t Know

“Occupy Spirituality” – Book Review by Lisa Burgess on Lisa Notes

Occupy Your Own Spirituality  by Carl Gregg on Patheos.com

Don’t Occupy Mormonism – Occupy the Streets and the World by Chris Henrichsen on Patheos.com

and from dissenting voices:

True Spirituality? by Frank Viola on Patheos.com

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