Matthew Fox has been published in a wide range of periodicals and websites: Tikkun, Progressive Christianity, and Huffington Post, among others. This is a small sampling of his articles; more are being gathered:


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Democracy in Chains and a New Religion of True Believers (Part II)  

A Sobering Tale of the Demise of American Democracy (Part I) 

Deep Ecumenism vs. Biblical Terror Texts 

Naomi Klein & Scott Russell Sanders: Birds of a Feather, Two North American Prophets In Search of Wisdom and Right Action

Earth, Air, Fire, Water in Struggle with the Evils of our Times

Some Thoughts on Priesthood in Our Post-modern Times

Time for a New Spiritual (not Religious) Order?

    Earth Day 2017: The Return of Healthy Religion?

    Reflections on my Interactions with Bishop Spong

    A New Christianity, a New Prayer Bishop Spong Style

    Responding to Bishop Spong’s 12 Principles and the Future of Religion


    A Review of Steve Herrmann's Emily Dickinson: A Medicine Woman For Our Times

    Love is Stronger than Stewardship: A Cosmic Christ Path to Planetary Survival  (subscription required)

    Names of God 

    The Emerging Truth About Junipero Serra and the California Missions

    Stop the Canonization of Friar Serra, Patron Saint of Colonizers and Racists

    Pope Francis' Encyclical and the Coming of Age of Creation Spirituality

    Red Flags Round Pope Francis

    A Religion of Compassion: A Letter to Pope Francis

    How the Papal Conclave Could Renew Religion: My Two Votes for Pope  

    Moving Beyond a Cross Fetish: The Empty Tomb and Creation Spirituality  

    Ecstatic Origins of the Western Soul 

    Cosmic Wonder, Human Opportunity   


    Some Lessons Learned from Employing the “S” Word (companion piece to "The One Sure Way..." - link below)

    The ONE Sure Way to Stop Future School Killing Atrocities... 

    Stations of the Cosmic Christ

    Responding to Bishop Spong's 12 Principles and the Future of Religion

    Repent or Perish and the Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

    Human Sexuality

    Toward a More than Literal and More than Rational and More than Capitalist Christmas!

    Education in Crisis: Thoughts on Campus Uprisings at Mizzou, Yale, and Beyond

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    White Nationalism and Its Enablers 

    Leonard Cohen: A Thank You to a Spiritual Giant

    A (Spiritual) Revolution on the Way? 

    Tom Hayden, A Warrior For Justice: Rest In Peace 

    Unarmed Water Protectors Stand Bravely Against Big Oil’s Illegal Advance 

    Fox News Hypocrisy and the Departure of Serial Sexist Ailes 

    The Real Winner at the Republican National Convention--The Reptilian Brain 

    Some Challenges Born Of The Orlando Massacre, Including A Challenge To Silicon Valley 

    Daniel Berrigan's Passing and Witness 

    Some Thoughts on the Passing of a Prince 

    Cardinal Bertone's Sins Against Children 

    Honoring the Legacy of Sister Dorothy Stang, Martyr and Eco-Warrior 

    Pope Francis Speaks Up for the Earth and Indigenous Peoples So How Can He Canonize Serra? 

    A Patron Saint for Colonizers and Racists? 

    How the Papal Conclave Could Renew Religion: My Two Votes for Pope  

    The Irish Vote -- a New Pentecost for the Church? 

    Men Behaving Badly 

    Pope Francis: Man of the Year and a Sign of Some Hope 

    Occupy Is Not Dead: A New Call for an Engaged Spirituality  

    The Dark Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI 

    Celebrating Hildegard of Bingen, Doctor of the Church, Herald of the Divine Feminine  

    Cordileone’s Installation: An Ominous Day for San Francisco 

    Becoming Christian Mystics Again   


    Climate Change, Laudato Si', Creation Spirituality, and the Nobility of the Scientist's Vocation (part of compilation "Living with the Wicked Problem of Climate Change" in Zygon Journal of Religion and Science - purchase instant access on bottom of sidebar here)

    Pope Francis' Encyclical on Ecology and the Coming of Age of Creation Spirituality (exclusive to

    Hope and Despair in the Time of Trump (exclusive to

    Meister Eckhart on Mindful Meditation (published in Unity)

    Some Thoughts On Priesthood in Our Post-Modern Times (published in A New Christianity for a New World; subscription required)

    Ernest Holmes as a Creation Sprituality Mystic  (delivered as a sermon April 2, 2017)