The Next Generation

Matthew Fox's former students have had, and continue to have, a profound and positive impact on the world, in fields ranging from education, to ministry, to sacred art activism, to indigenous rights, and more. They include artists, scientists, community-builders, activists...and martyrs. Just a few of them are represented below; click the links below for more information on each.

Bernard Amandi, Engineer

Bernard Amandi started Engineers Without Borders and later co-founded Engineers Without Borders-International, which now has over 14,000 persons in it. Their first mission was to install water pumps in San Pablo, Belize and today over 400 projects are in process in 45 countries and over 225 university and professional chapters exist in the United States alone.

Jennifer Berezan, Singer/Songwriter

From ICCS in Oakland, graduate Jennifer Berezan has contributed so much inspiration in her career as a mystical-prophetic song writer and performer including her CD albums Praises to the World,  She Carries Me, and most recently In These Arms, A Song For All Beings. See her website at Edge of Wonder.

Mel Duncan, Peacemaker

Mel Duncan, a UCS graduate, started the Nonviolent Peaceforce which professionally trains civilian peacekeeping forces from around the world. They have proven effective in such hot spots as Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Romania and Guatemala. Their purpose is to enter conflict zones to protect local civilians from harm and help create space for resolution and reduce or prevent further violence. “Sustainable peace cannot come from the barrel of a gun.”

Caroline Myss, Healer, Educator and Author

From ICCS in Chicago, Caroline Myss has contributed so much inspiration in her career as healer, workshop leader and author including her New York Times Best Selling Anatomy of the Spirit,  Why People Don’t Heal, Sacred Contracts and other books including Entering the Castle and Defy Gravity.

Gail Ransom, Minister and Community Leader

The Rev. Dr. Gail Ransom is one of the last Creation Spirituality graduates of Wisdom University (2010). She is the minister emeritus of the First United Methodist Church of Pittsburgh, where she has initiated a diverse and deeply ecumenical series of programs, particularly serving the young people of the parish. Currently, she is President of the Creation Spirituality Communities, where she has helped to develop a Creation Spirituality-based, community-focused ordination track that is not dependent on religious institutions. She is now working with groups of local CSC communities to develop regional clusters for education, celebration, and activism.

Sister Dorothy Stang, Indigenous Advocate and Martyr

Sister Dorothy Stang, S.N.D.N., who returned to the Amazon rainforest on graduating from the Institute of Culture and Creation Spirituality at Holy Names College, was a leader among her peasant people in standing up to privileged land owners on behalf of rural workers and in defending the Amazon rainforest. One day she was murdered on a muddy road in the forest by hired henchmen (now in jail) for her heroic work and leadership among her peoples. She regularly wrote the UCS staff of how her creation spirituality education gave her the courage to do her work and remain in the face of many death threats.  She is our first martyr.