The Pope’s War Interviews

The Pope’s War Conversation with Andrew Harvey

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Matthew Fox Provides Expert Media Commentary During and After the Papal Interregnum

After receiving broad media recognition for his long struggle in speaking truth about Vatican power and revealing Papal corruption in The Pope’s War: Why Ratzinger’s Secret Crusade Has Imperiled The Church And How It Can Be Saved, offered in-depth expert interviews giving context for the the shocking resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, and the new pontiff’s historic response to the liberation theology movement and the Argentinian dictatorship, and his membership in the right-wing organization called Communion and Liberation.

His summation? “The corruption the Vatican is in at this time in history is unparalleled, unless you go back to the Borgias of the 16th century. So we’ll see if this guy can really clean house or not. But let’s not put too much of our energy there. Let’s put energy into starting new base communities, a new version of Christianity that really goes back to the Gospels and gets the job done. That’s the real issue.”

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Il Manifesto: L’inquisitore e il salvatore nella Chiesa dei due papi
English Translation: The Inquisitor and the Savior in the Two-Popes Church

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