Beyond Doctrinal Squabbles - Our Birthright & Responsibility


Two years ago, Pope Francis electrified the world with his eloquent encyclical, Laudato Si - a plea for humans of all faiths and beliefs to unite in protection of the natural world. 

Today, as the current tenant of the White House and his cabinet seem ever more intent on destroying the land, water, and air on which we all depend, the message of Laudato Si is even more relevant.

As Matthew Fox commented on the encyclical upon its release, Laudato Si affirms the millennia-old Creation Spirituality tradition, echoing not only Judeo Christian teaching but also the teachings of every other spiritual tradition. 

As Indigenous peoples would say, these are humanity’s “Original Instructions” – our birthright and responsibility – to live in balance with the natural world and the natural patterns of the planet; to treat all living things, and one another, with compassion and respect. To do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with the Divine.

Long condemned, disregarded, and silenced by ultraconservative church and government leaders – with factional opposition continuing – this message is finally being recognized and preached at the highest level...and it has never been more deeply needed. It is time to put aside our doctrinal squabbles and work together to love, protect and defend life on Earth...before it is too late.

Tracing profound parallels between Laudato Si and the ancient core practices of Creation Spirituality, Matthew Fox points the way to a broad and deep path of hope and challenge.

This is the medicine for the despair of our times: steps to overcome helplessness and paralysis by celebrating awe and wonder, grieving what is lost, co-creating new solutions, and speaking up for justice.

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