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Pope Francis rails against the 'globalization of indifference' -  Jason Berry, GlobalPost

...It is unlikely that the handlers around Francis would ever let him get a copy of a book like "Letters to Pope Francis." But there is an Italian edition forthcoming, and the pope who spends afternoons working the phones by himself to dig up information without a paper trail on how to reform the mess of a Roman Curia is surely a man to make his own decisions on what to read....It is not a stretch to imagine this Francis nodding at certain passages from Fox, a latter-day Jeremiah with his trumpet wailing at the wall. (read more)

Walking in the Shadows blog: Letters to Pope Francis review

This is a call to justice. It is a call to the Pope and the Church to return to its beginnings. It is a call to return to Jesus....Read this. Read it and join the growing legions who seek Jesus and His Way, the one that was intended. (read more)

See Matthew Fox's latest letter to Pope Francis in Tikkun: A Religion of Compassion: A Letter to Pope Francis

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