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5-Day Intensive: The Reinvention of Work, Boulder, CO

Matthew Fox leads the 5-day intensive, "The Reinvention of Work," at the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality in Boulder, CO.

Work is often at the heart of peoples' identity and what they accomplish and give back in their lifetime. Whether it's preparing for work (education), doing our work, or recovering from work, we leave our footprint on history by the work we undertake. Spiritual traditions the world over acknowledge the sacred dimension to a calling or vocation to work and many people search to hear such a calling. Given the many challenges of our time—and with ecological needs at the forefront—how well are we doing? How healthy are our professions at this time in history? Do they create or do they destroy? How can we improve them so that they truly serve future generations and the health of the planet? Our readings and discussions and occasional guests who have reworked their professions will examine these important questions. How do we infiltrate our work worlds with values that inspire sustainability? We will call on teachings from various spiritual traditions for their wisdom on work, its meaning and deeper purposes.