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Conference: The "Wicked Problem" of Climate Change: What is it doing to us and for us? - Star Island, NH

Join Matthew Fox at the 63rd Conference of the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science: 'The "Wicked Problem" of Climate Change: What is it doing to us and for us?'

The Conference is held in partnership with the Parliament of the World's Religions,
June 24 - July 1, 2017, at Star Island off Portsmouth, NH

Climate change is a “wicked problem” with causes and consequences in economic, ecological, ethical, and technological realms. As climate change continues to alter our planet, how can we use this monumental change as an opportunity for societal and spiritual transformation? 

     “Uncertainty and ambiguity emerge here as resources, because they force us to
      confront those things we really want—not safety in some distant and contested
     future, but justice and self-understanding now.”      - Sheila Jananoff

What is the way forward? We must confront climate change as a planetary community. It affects every institution, society, public policy, culture and ecosystem into the foreseeable future. Every possible course of action intertwines with issues of international and intra-societal economic and social justice.  Climate change is a multigenerational, transnational “wicked problem” with no single, simple solution.

oming to terms with what the “wicked problem” of rapid climate change might do for us will take creativity, imagination, and complex interdisciplinary thinking of organizations like IRAS.

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