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Dialogue: What Connects Us-and Why Is It Important?

Matthew Fox and philosopher of living systems David Korten discuss "What Connects Us-and Why Is It Important?" at the IONS Conference: The Science of What Connects Us, being held July 20-23 in Oakland, CA

The dialogue takes place Thursday, 7/20 and is free with conference registration; additional fee for general public

Fox and Korten will explore how to translate a spiritual awakening into a societal transformation that is sustainable, respects all creation as sacred, and leaves no one behind. The frontiers of science suggest that matter as a thing-in-itself is an illusion and that only relationships are real. By this reckoning, our understanding of relationship holds the key to understanding reality, the purpose and possibilities of creation, and humanity’s place in creation’s unfolding. We will explore the levels of being human that unite all people and for which a new civilization must make room. What does it look like to be true to our deepest humanity and to be in kinship with all our relations?