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Forum: Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home - Berkeley, CA

Join the Sierra Club East Bay for an inspiring, co-creative dinner program, sharing and exploring a common vision and action plan based on Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si. Matthew Fox, Guy McPherson, Dr. Sailesh Rao, Melissa Koch, and Jamen Shively are guest speakers.

April 25, 2019 (Thu) 7:00pm-9:00pm

Berkeley Yacht Club, 1 Seawall Dr, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA

Who are we? Why are we here? Mother Earth is in such a multi-dimensional tailspin that no matter our individual beliefs, it is clear that we are all being called upon to join together to find solutions.

Answering that call, joining with established environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club, a number of newer organizations such as Extinction Rebellion and Green New Deal are promoting solutions that address greenhouse gas emissions and a range of social and environmental issues. While fully supporting those, our gut tells us that an even more radical set of solutions is needed, spanning the ecological, social and cultural, economic and living arrangements, political/governance, and spiritual dimensions, among many others.

Enter Pope Francis. In 2015, he published the radical encyclical Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home, exploring the roots of our most daunting problems, and painting a beautiful picture of what our world can become, once we implement the bold cultural revolution he calls for. At the root, Pope Francis is calling on all peoples, from all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs, to come together and co-create the necessary solutions.

Join us for an inspiring, co-creative evening of sharing and exploring a common vision and action plan, leading to the Pope’s vision: the healing and saving of life on Earth. Speakers and facilitators include, in order:

  • Matthew Fox, Order of the Sacred Earth

  • Guy McPherson, Prof. Emeritus University of Arizona

  • Dr. Sailesh Rao, Vegan World 2026

  • Melissa Koch, artful activist, representing the honey bees, the orca whales, and all other non-human species

  • Jamen Shively, radical collective intelligence, arcology, and geo-shading

Together, we will start off with an hour of presentations centered around the Laudato Si and various radical solutions, led by Matthew Fox. Following that, after a brief intermission, we will enjoy some very brief introductions to specific movements and solutions, to complete an initial panorama of the breadth of the holistic set of solutions needed. Finally, all are invited to stay for a two hour post-presentation discussion, wherein all participants are invited to share openly on all topics.

Cost: Cost of dinner and program is $30, including tax and tip. $10 for program only, starting at 8 PM.

To sign up:

Attendance is limited to the first 115 reservations received. Reserve early, as these programs do fill up. Reservation deadline is April 18.

Additional Directions: No-host cocktails/social hour at 6:00 PM, dinner at 7:00 PM, program at 8:00 PM, After-hours group discussion 9:15 -11:00 PM. Ample free parking is available in the Marina parking lots; Bus #81 service to Marina from Ashby BART)