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Online Panel Discussion: The Impulse of the Soul - Global Oneness Day

Join Matthew Fox, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Lynne McTaggart, and Thomas Hubl and host Steve Farrell for a panel discussion in Day 1 of Global Oneness Day’s 10th anniversary summit:

The Impulse of the Soul

How to Decipher the Signs and Messages Your Soul is Sending You to Guide You to Your Higher Destiny

Saturday, October 19th, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm Pacific
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The “Impulse of the Soul” panel will explore…

  • How we can get in touch with our soul‘s deepest impulse and distinguish between it and the machinations of our mental/emotional mind

  • The costs and benefits of following your soul’s impulse throughout your life even in the face of opposition and other challenges

  • How to navigate specific obstacles that can rise up in the way of following the impulse of your soul

  • The meaning of “real wealth” and how it is born from following the soul’s impulse

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