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Metamorphic Convergence Streaming Films for the Planet

Join us on April 5 for Golden Rule Day  a global broadcast that celebrates the Golden Rule. Over the course of 24 hours, people from many corners of the world will ponder “Why the Golden Rule Matters Now” as they shared how people, organizations and governments can use this Common Principle to create a better world for everyone.

In partnership with the Charter for Compassion, we will talk to David Korten best-selling author, political activist and former professor of the Harvard Business School, and Matthew Fox, author and founder of Creation Spirituality, about how the Golden Rule principle applies to Planet Earth. Get ready to shift your frame from individual “me” to the collective “we” as we discover earth as a super organism that utilizes cooperative self-organization to create and maintain the conditions essential to our existence as interconnected living beings on an immensely beautiful planet.

Metamorphic Convergence Streaming Film Series - Films for the Planet