The Coming of the Cosmic Christ

“A classic.”

--  Father Thomas Berry, author of Dream of the Earth and The Great Work

“Fox captures…as few theologians have ever done before, the feminine aspects of God so suppressed in traditional Christianity.” 

--Bishop John Spong, author of Living in Sin?

“The eighth wonder of the world…convincing proof that our Western religious tradition does indeed have the depth of imagination to reinvent its faith.”

-- Brian Swimme, author or The Universe Story and Journey of the Universe.


“Brings both sustenance for the heart and wisdom for the head to those of us renewing a Jewish mysticism that seeks to heal the world.” 

--Rabbi Arthur Waskow, author of Seasons of Our Joy and Godwrestling

“A wonderfully bold book — full of risk and promise….Fox is not the first to call for a metanoia: a change of mind. St. Paul did it, (so did) the poet Rilke and the scientist Einstein….Prophetic voices now call for a healing of Mother Earth, an experience of cosmic unity.”

— M.C. Richards, author of
Centering: In Pottery, In Poetry, and In Person

“A brilliant and inspirational synthesis….A message of hope, hope for the mystic in us, the Cosmic Christ incarnated in each one of us.”

— Robert Frager, founder and professor of psychology,
Institute for Transpersonal Psychology