Bring the Stations of the Cosmic Christ
to your place of worship...


From the first conception of this project, we have held the vision that the Stations of the Cosmic Christ would make their way to every church, chapel, and retreat center, expanding the understanding of the faith community from the sufferings of Jesus to the full, rich, complexity of his life, message, and cosmic presence.

There is just one challenge to that vision: the 16 Stations created by artists M. C. Richards and Ullrrich Javier Lemus are 3-dimensional clay tablets, beautiful, original, but also fragile and difficult to transport .  To guarantee their safety and security, they are displayed in 8 plexiglass vitrines as in the photo opposite.

Since their unveiling in April, the Stations have been exhibited at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and Trinity Church in Santa Barbara. They are scheduled to tour Southern California over the coming year, being displayed at a number of other number of sites over the coming year....but long distance travel remained a challenge....

until now....

Today, the vision is reaching reality: your Church or Retreat Center or Chapel can now post your own 16 Stations of the Cosmic Christ for a very modest investment!

Now, we have 2-dimensional versions of these same original and “exquisite” (a word often used) icons which are also reproduced in the book, Stations of the Cosmic Christ.  This way you and your community can pray this mini-pilgrimage, this new practice to bring the archetype of the Cosmic Christ and Buddha Nature and Image of God alive in you.  

These 2-dimensional icons are very easy to transport and display on the walls of your chapel, church, etc.  They are professionally reproduced and available in two versions:

  • Reproduced in 8 x 10" format on durable, lightweight, and easy-to-clean aluminum. This collection includes: 

    •  the 16 Stations, with instructions for hanging

    • a hardback copy of the book

    • a video of Matthew Fox leading the practice. 

--Price for this version is: $990, plus $35 for S&H.

  • Reproduced in 8 x 10" semi-glossy format on heavyeweight paper stock, ready for your selection of frame and glassThis collection includes:
    • the 16 Stations
    • a hardback copy of the book
    • a video of Matthew Fox leading the practice.  

--Price for this version is: $495, plus $25 for S&H.

Make Payments to: Matthew Fox Legacy Project Inc, PO Box 424533, San Francisco, CA 94142  Or call and share Credit Card # to: 510 835 0655 or e mail: