Matthew Fox Endorses "Alfredo's Fire"

(from the Alfredo's Fire website)  In 1998 a gay Italian writer shocked the world by setting himself on fire in St. Peter’s Square to protest the Vatican’s ban on homosexuaity. Years later, his gesture faded into obscurity. What is the flame he ignited and how deep are its shadows? By unraveling this tragic story, ALFREDO’S FIRE highlights the issue of religious intolerance, which burns as strong and deadly as ever at the crossroads of faith and sexuality.


Matthew Fox endorses the film, and urges support for the Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign to complete the funding of its production:

This is a moving and powerful story, and the story of this truth teller to power--the homophobic power of the Vatican--needs to be told.  The pope and other homophobes are as wrong about homosexuality as they were about the sun moving around the earth in Galileo's day--and for the same reason.  They TOTALLY ignore science to further their prejudice.

Science has spoken: 8 to 10% of human population is gay or lesbian.  Over 464 other species also have gay populations,  Therefore, homosexuality is not "against the natural law" but utterly natural for a minority of humans.

Let the sacrifice of this Italian martyr not be in vain.  Give to this movie.  I surely intend to.