Calling all Lovers of Creation, Social and Environmental Activists,
Mystic Explorers, Sacred Earth Keepers…

 On Mother’s Day, May 12, 2019, in honor of Gaia, our wounded Mother Earth, Matthew Fox and a dedicated team of helpers launched a series of Free Daily Meditations to support your inner and outer work, your contemplation and your action, and your mystical and prophetic vocations.  We are naming this project:

Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox

Some of the meditations will be brand new and some will be drawn from past writings.  Suggested practices and short videos will be offered at times as well. You are welcome to comment or interact with other subscribers along the way. Building on our Mother’s Day launch, the first few weeks of our meditations focus first on the return of the Divine Feminine; and then the ushering in of the Sacred Masculine—these themes lie at the heart of the eco-disasters we are facing as a species.

To join us, just click on the title above or the screen shot at right.